What to Wear: 30 Fun Summer Outfits

Hello Helperade Readers! Get ready for an image heavy post.

The last few weeks of summer are here. Now is the time to hangout with your friends, take in the last rays of summer heat, eat some ice cream, look absolutely glam in sexy summer makeup, and look cute in those fun summer outfits!

During the last stretch of summer break, I find that I’ve already run through all my summer outfits way more than I should. This is the time I usually have a crisis on how I should pair my clothes and what I should wear so my style will still look fresh fun and summery.

I’ve chosen 15 pieces of clothing and I’ll show you how to turn them into 30 Fun Summer Outfits!


The Clothes

Out of the 15 pieces of clothing, I chose seven Basics. These are the clothes most people already have in their closets. Basics are versatile pieces and can match the different moods and styles of the seasons.

Summer Outfits -- The Basics1. Gray or black cardigan; 2. White Tanktop; 3. Colored tank; 4. Colored Graphic Tee; 5. Denim Shorts; 5. Skinny/Straight Jeans; 6. Floral Shirt


The other eight pieces are Non-Basics, meaning you might not have these in your current wardrobe. These are the pieces that will help you add a summer feel to your outfits.

Summer Outfits -- Non-BasicsA. Loose White Graphic T-Shirt or White Graphic Muscle Tee; B. Plaid Shirt; C. Colored Flippy Skirt; D. Colored Shorts/Hotpants; E. Tube Summer Dress that can be converted into a maxi skirt; F. Loose Cardigan; G. Tunic Shirt; H. Vest;


Tip! Make sure you have enough pieces with bright, fun and/or warm colors to give off that summery vibe to your outfits!


Aside from mixing and matching the outfits, I’ve found that the key to making a summer outfit fun and unique are the accessories and shoes you pair with them. I’ve included suggestions for accessories and shoes to the outfits below so you can get a more complete feel of how the outfits are.


30 Summer Outfits

The letters and numbers indicate which piece was used–orange circles for Basic pieces, and green circles for non-basics. Here we go!

Summer Outfits : 01Summer Outfits : 02Summer Outfits : 03Summer Outfits : 04Summer Outfits : 05Summer Outfits : 06Summer Outfits : 07Summer Outfits : 08Summer Outfits : 09Summer Outfits : 10

I hope these outfits help you create your very own fun summer outfit!

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