How to make Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar

Hello! In my last post, I mentioned how to make vanilla extract using only a couple of vanilla beans and vodka. What i’m going to talk about today can be will probably be more used at home or at work than vanilla extract. I’m going to teach you have to make some vanilla sugar. Vanilla Sugar? Basically, It’s vanilla flavored (and smelling) sugar! It can be used as a substitute of regular sugar for drinks, baking, and cooking. I personally love putting it in my coffee in the morning. It adds a sweet vanilla flavoring to it. Another good idea is to sprinkle it on top of your pastries–yum! Vanilla sugar is quite popular and relatively common in Europe, but outside the European countries it’s expensive and a difficult item to find. Some citizens of non-european countries don’t even know what it is! Little do people know, it’s really easy […] Read more »

How to Make Your Very Own Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Hello there home baking afficionados! Do I have a treat for you. I was recently taste testing some food for my friend’s new restaurant. His wife baked THE absolutely most wonderful Raspberry Cheesecake in the world! It was unlike anything i’ve ever tasted in my country. Let’s just say that more than half of the cake disappeared that night. Her secret? Homemade vanilla extract. At first, I was like “…say what? I never knew you could make vanilla extract at home.” She went back into the pantry and came out with a bottle of Stolichnaya vodka. Before I could refuse a shot of hard liquor, she showed me the inside of the bottle. Instead of finding clear hard liquor, I was shown something that looked like used oil from a deep fat fryer. Before that image turns you off, I can tell you that when she took the lid off […] Read more »

Oxford Shoes For Women

Brown Oxford Shoes

I’m totally crazy about oxford shoes! I’ve always wanted a pair but I’ve never had the chance to buy them. Still, I love seeing outfits that use these kinds of shoes that I just had to write about them. For those of you who don’t know, oxfords are originally a long-standing, popular type of classic men’s shoes that are cut below the ankles, and are usually made of leather. There are different types of oxfords, but I won’t get into that. These shoes are known for their formal and elegant appeal, similar to the types of shoes you’d imagine an English gentleman would wear while smoking on his pipe. They have thin lacing at the front and are quite conservative aesthetically. From what I know, there is another similar style called spectator shoes. The term spectators are usually interchanged with oxfords, but as far as I know, there is supposed […] Read more »

How To Dress Short Legs

How to Dress Short Legs : Elongate your short legs!

Hey guys! I’ve been hanging around Yahoo! Answers, answering a few questions under Beauty & Style. I answered a question that just recently got chosen by the asker as the best answer, and I thought, hey, why not make a blog post about it? So here I am, I’m going to write about how to dress when you have short legs. Every body shape has types of clothes that either flatter their figure, or make them look horrible. Having short legs is one of the more difficult body types to dress, because wearing the wrong clothes cause you to look short, or body to look disproportioned. When choosing outfits or what clothes to wear for women with short legs, it’s important to de-emphasize or hide where the legs begin. Color. A single flow of color helps give the illusion of a longer body and helps hide your short legs because […] Read more »