Gelato vs. Ice Cream

Gelato vs. Ice cream: The difference between gelato and ice cream

Gelato originated in Italy, and its becoming a growing craze in many countries around the world now. Gelaterias are slowly but surely popping up in different area, but in many places outside Europe a scoop of gelato costs more than a scoop of ice cream. People often wonder, “Why is it more expensive than ice cream?” or better yet, “Why call it gelato? Why don’t they just call it ice cream?”. After all, they seem to be the same thing. They’re both cold desserts, they both look similar, and they’re both eaten the same way. What’s the difference between gelato and ice cream? Gelato is the word for “ice cream” in italian. In that sense, gelato IS ice cream. However, the ice cream that we refer to as “ice cream” is AMERICAN ice cream (henceforth known as ice cream), which has a number of different characteristics from gelato.   What […] Read more »

How to make Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar

Hello! In my last post, I mentioned how to make vanilla extract using only a couple of vanilla beans and vodka. What i’m going to talk about today can be will probably be more used at home or at work than vanilla extract. I’m going to teach you have to make some vanilla sugar. Vanilla Sugar? Basically, It’s vanilla flavored (and smelling) sugar! It can be used as a substitute of regular sugar for drinks, baking, and cooking. I personally love putting it in my coffee in the morning. It adds a sweet vanilla flavoring to it. Another good idea is to sprinkle it on top of your pastries–yum! Vanilla sugar is quite popular and relatively common in Europe, but outside the European countries it’s expensive and a difficult item to find. Some citizens of non-european countries don’t even know what it is! Little do people know, it’s really easy […] Read more »

How to Make Your Very Own Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Hello there home baking afficionados! Do I have a treat for you. I was recently taste testing some food for my friend’s new restaurant. His wife baked THE absolutely most wonderful Raspberry Cheesecake in the world! It was unlike anything i’ve ever tasted in my country. Let’s just say that more than half of the cake disappeared that night. Her secret? Homemade vanilla extract. At first, I was like “…say what? I never knew you could make vanilla extract at home.” She went back into the pantry and came out with a bottle of Stolichnaya vodka. Before I could refuse a shot of hard liquor, she showed me the inside of the bottle. Instead of finding clear hard liquor, I was shown something that looked like used oil from a deep fat fryer. Before that image turns you off, I can tell you that when she took the lid off […] Read more »