Parrot And Parakeet Life Span

macaw lifespan

When first buying a parrot or parakeet, you should expect to have a life long commitment between you and your new feathered friend. The reason why most parrots end up in animal rescues is that people fail to research about parrot behaviors, and how long a parrot’s lifespan/parakeet’s lifespan really is. Any type of parrot or even parakeet will outlive your typical pocket pet (hamster, guinea pigs), cat, or dog; some of the only pets that a parakeet can’t outlive are snakes, turtles and some types of fish. Do you really think you can care for a pet that will live a minimum of 10 years? The following bird life spans listed below are what you can expect from a properly cared for, healthy pet bird. It’s the average ages reported by various sources (books, papers, breeders, bird enthusiasts); some may live longer than their average life expectancy. A few […] Read more »

African Grey Toys

african grey bird toy

African Greys NEED toys. They need a constant supply of toys that they can destroy. So eventually it will cost you a pretty penny to keep buying bird toys for your African Grey. Instead of buying parrot toys, you should consider making some yourself. A simple toy I give my African Gray is a balled up newspaper, with bits of her favorite treats in them (sunflower seeds). It’s an easy way to keep your African Grey active and interested when you are not around to keep them company. They also love destroying newspaper while trying to find the seeds. Just make sure you clean the cage DAILY, if he plays with newspaper that has been pooed on, you risk having a sick parrot.   Why should you get your African Grey Parrot toys? People who often complain about African Greys being feather pluckers are usually at fault for not meeting […] Read more »