What to Wear: 30 Fun Summer Outfits

Summer Outfits : 04

Hello Helperade Readers! Get ready for an image heavy post. The last few weeks of summer are here. Now is the time to hangout with your friends, take in the last rays of summer heat, eat some ice cream, look absolutely glam in sexy summer makeup, and look cute in those fun summer outfits! During the last stretch of summer break, I find that I’ve already run through all my summer outfits way more than I should. This is the time I usually have a crisis on how I should pair my clothes and what I should wear so my style will still look fresh fun and summery. I’ve chosen 15 pieces of clothing and I’ll show you how to turn them into 30 Fun Summer Outfits!   The Clothes Out of the 15 pieces of clothing, I chose seven Basics. These are the clothes most people already have in […] Read more »

What to Wear to a Wedding: Men

What to Wear to a Wedding: Men

No, boys, I didn’t forget about you. Women aren’t the only people who have problems choosing what to wear to a wedding. Men’s wedding attire is much simpler in appearance but choosing an appropriate outfit for a wedding can be just as daunting for the male species. In fact, dressing appropriately for a wedding is something a many people (men AND women) have a lot of trouble with. So, as a follow up to my earlier article on What to Wear to a Wedding, comes this article–What to Wear to a Wedding: Men.   Things you should know before choosing an outfit Since this section is fairly basic, you’ll probably notice definite similarities between this section and the one in my other article. But I edited the suggestions to cater more to men. What kind of wedding is it? The place where the wedding is held can usually give you […] Read more »

What to Wear to an Interview

What to Wear to and Interview

For many companies, job interviews are crucial to hiring employees. Applicants are only given a short window of time to impress their would-be-employers. Once an applicant’s resume or curriculum vitae is approved, they are called in for a job interview where they test your general feel, disposition, knowledge, trustworthiness, and likability. Many employers look at how you hold yourself, how you answer questions, how you groom yourself, and–more often than not–what you’re wearing for the interview. What you wear for a job interview is one of the key elements to inspiring a good first impression to your interviewer. A good job interview outfit can show that you’re professional, capable, organized, and confident. That’s where I come in. I’ve interviewed (and sat in a lot of interviews) many prospective employees where I work and I’ve seen outfits spell the difference between someone getting hired or having their resumes thrown in the […] Read more »

What to Wear to a Wedding : Women

What to Wear to a Wedding

Weddings are a special moment in someone’s life. It’s the day they tie the knot with their future spouses. It’s a chance for the brides to wear gorgeous gowns in a beautiful setting of their choice. And for their friends to wear not-so-stunning colorful entourage dresses. A lot of planning usually goes into weddings: the food, the event, the colors, the fashion. You don’t want to spoil the newlywed couple’s special day, so you have to appear presentable. We’ve all been there, it’s basically a staple on your yearly social calendar. It could be a relative, a friend, family friend, or friend’s friend, but it doesn’t matter who it is, you NEED to find something to wear. It’s a little daunting especially if you’re like me. I recieve an invitation at least a month before the wedding and I procrastinate until the last week/few days to find something suitable. I […] Read more »

How To Dress Short Legs

How to Dress Short Legs : Elongate your short legs!

Hey guys! I’ve been hanging around Yahoo! Answers, answering a few questions under Beauty & Style. I answered a question that just recently got chosen by the asker as the best answer, and I thought, hey, why not make a blog post about it? So here I am, I’m going to write about how to dress when you have short legs. Every body shape has types of clothes that either flatter their figure, or make them look horrible. Having short legs is one of the more difficult body types to dress, because wearing the wrong clothes cause you to look short, or body to look disproportioned. When choosing outfits or what clothes to wear for women with short legs, it’s important to de-emphasize or hide where the legs begin. Color. A single flow of color helps give the illusion of a longer body and helps hide your short legs because […] Read more »