How To Block Unwanted Emails From Your Gmail Account


Gmail has one of the best anti spam/phishing email protection available, but sometimes spam or junk mail still gets through. This is article will teach you how to block all unwanted emails and have Gmail auto delete them for you.

First thing you’ll need to do is check what specific domains are sending you spam or unwanted notifications, like facebook or some forum you were a part of, then create a specific filter to make those emails get automatically deleted.

To create a filter, you’ll need to click on the settings icon, and then scroll down to settings.

setting filters up to block unwanted mail

Once in the general settings page, look for the “Filter” tab, and click “Create a new filter” at the bottom of the page.

You only need to fill out 2 out of the 5 forms you are given- the “From” and the “To” field.

What you type into the “from” field is what we will tell google to auto delete, and you can fill it up in two different ways. You can either type “”, to block a single email address, or you can type “” to block any email from the domain

The “To” field is always your own gmail account.

setting up the anti spam filter

Once you’ve filled up both fields, click on “create filter with this search” at the bottom right. In the next section tick the “Delete it” and “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” buttons and click on create filter.

To test that you have everything working perfectly, go to your spam folder and click on a random spam email, then select “Not Spam”. Which should bring it back to your inbox.

Then go back to your filter and select edit. Add the, or to your filter, and at the second part, you should see “Also apply filter to 1 matching conversations.”, if you did it correctly. To add more than 1 email to the “From” field you just need to separate the emails with OR.

What you type in the “From” field should look like this : OR OR, which would end up looking like this after you save your edits : Matches: from:( OR OR

The awesome thing about gmail’s filters is that you can mass move, delete, forward, label, organize all emails you already have, in addition to those you receive as long as it fits the filter settings. Very useful for getting rid of the tons of junk notifications you get from facebook and other social sites, or sorting them in their own separate folder that does not pass through the inbox.

Another tip on how to lessen spam is to use TWO gmail accounts. One account private, the ones you give to your friends and family. The second account you use for everything else, like registering social sites, linking it in forums, twitter, or as a public contact email in your blog. Then you just setup filters on your public email account to get rid of all the unwanted emails, and then set it to automatically forward emails to your private account. This should greatly lessen any unwanted emails, while still allowing you to share your email address on publicly viewable sites.

To setup your public email to automatically forward it’s contents to your private one, you have to click on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab found in the settings page of your public email, and then add your private email as a forwarding address. You will need to verify that you own that email you’re trying to forward to, by clicking on a confirmation email.

I really hate spam, have a good spam free day :P


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