Oxford Shoes For Women

I’m totally crazy about oxford shoes! I’ve always wanted a pair but I’ve never had the chance to buy them. Still, I love seeing outfits that use these kinds of shoes that I just had to write about them.

Brown Oxford Shoes

Brown Oxford Shoes

For those of you who don’t know, oxfords are originally a long-standing, popular type of classic men’s shoes that are cut below the ankles, and are usually made of leather. There are different types of oxfords, but I won’t get into that. These shoes are known for their formal and elegant appeal, similar to the types of shoes you’d imagine an English gentleman would wear while smoking on his pipe. They have thin lacing at the front and are quite conservative aesthetically.

From what I know, there is another similar style called spectator shoes. The term spectators are usually interchanged with oxfords, but as far as I know, there is supposed to be a difference between oxfords and spectator shoes. From what I’ve read, an oxford is a traditional term describing a low show laced instep, while a spectator shoe, though it looks like an oxford, is characterized as having two different, dominant materials/colors. So spectators can be oxfords, but not all oxfords can be spectators. Please do correct me if I’m wrong.

Black Peep-toe Oxford Shoes

Black Peep-toe Oxford Shoes

I’m so glad that these were made into shoes for women! They’ve kept the basic essence of male oxfords, but they gave it a more feminine appeal by adjusting the shape of the shoe, making the tip of the shoe pointier, and adding a heel to the back.

These oxford shoes for women manage to be both prim and sexy at the same time. Currently, designers are modifying this shoe into different styles. Some designs sport peep-toes, wedges, strap heels, and fur, giving women a larger and more diverse style selection to choose from.

The range at which you can use these shoes is also quite diverse. They can be worn everyday, to parties or clubbing, to school, hell, I’ve even seen people wear them to their work places. They can also be paired with a wide range of clothing, from pants, to skirts, to tights, and dresses.

I wonder, with such style and elegance, why some say that these shoes are said to be a passing fad. but passing fad or not, I know that once I buy my first pair, I’ll be wearing these lovely classic spin-offs for a long time to come.

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