Romantic Ideas and Gifts for Anniversaries

Its that day of the year again, the day that you and your special someone committed to each other. Couples, whether married or not, celebrate anniversaries (or monthsaries if you haven’t reached a year) to commemorate the day they finally said “Yes” to being in a committed relationship to one another. What better to bring back the overflowing feelings of love during that day than by doing or giving something romantic?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for quite sometime now and I find myself freaking out when the day comes close. Romantic ideas aren’t exactly my forte, no matter how many romance novels I can read. So, I’ve made it a habit to list down any romantic ideas or gifts that I think of or come across that I feel would be perfect for the day. The result is this short guide and a few suggestions on Romantic Ideas for your Anniversary. The great thing is that you can also use these ideas for birthdays and other special occasions too!

I’ve come to realize that romantic moments aren’t limited to candlelight dinners and whispered heartfelt declarations of love. There are many people who experience romantic moments in everyday seemingly unromantic situations. Whether you share a short intimate glance with him on the bleachers or when you hold hands while taking a stroll on the beach–romantic moments are all about having your heart aflutter with love with your special someone. I hope these suggestions can help you bring a together a romantic idea on your anniversary and create a special moment with a significant someone.


Romantic Ideas: Flowers

Something Sweet

Romance isn’t all hot, dim, and steamy. Sweet gifts are things that make a person go “…aww” when they receive them! They can be thoughtful, but not necessarily so. Sometimes, I fall back on gifts like these when I can’t think of anything to give or do. Sweet gifts are best when paired with a thoughtful or personal element.

The act of giving a gift is a sweet act in itself. Flowers are definitely the poster boy of this category. But flowers and bouquets are so overused that sometimes giving flowers isn’t that sweet of a gesture anymore. Giving flowers is okay once of twice but if you just keep giving her flowers everytime, that won’t even get you an A for effort.

If you go with the flowers, make an effort to surprise her. Pick her up at her workplace (unless she’s the type to get uncomfortably embarrassed) or set up a romantic mood by dimming the lights and lead her to your candlelit dinner with rose petals.

Just Hallmark cards are a definite no-no. If you just sign your name at the bottom, it not only shows that you hurriedly picked it out last minute, but you didn’t put any effort into thinking about it.

Try going for your wife’s favorite dessert or a cute stuffed toy of her favorite animal.

For ideas, I suggest you plan something intimate for the both of you. Serve your wife breakfast in bed, take him out to his favorite restaurant, or bring some popcorn and watch movies on the couch if that’s more your style. I highly suggest giving him an after-dinner massage over wine and cheese.

If you’re going out, make sure that you and your hubby are appropriately dressed for the area! Here are some tips on how to apply makeup and how to apply eyeshadow.

For something more elaborate, you can plan a post-it treasure hunt in the morning/evening with a special breakfast/dinner for a prize. Instead of leaving directions on the post-it, you can leave a trail of little notes on why you love him/her.

Tip: Do things that you enjoy doing as a couple. The most important thing is that you spend time together.


Romantic Ideas: Candlelit Dinner

Something Thoughtful

These, I feel, are the one of the best kinds of gifts and ideas for any Anniversary. They show that you’re listening to what they’re saying or noticing their wants and needs.

These gifts need a lot of preparation beforehand (or just a really good memory). Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be very expensive or elaborate.

For example, a friend of mine remembered that her boyfriend mentioned in passing that he wanted to build figurines a few weeks before. For their anniversary, she bought him a gundam kit and they assembled it together.

If you want to do something other than a gift, you can have activities you can do on a date. Take the time to think of places they want to go or something they want to watch or eat.

If your hubby loves the chicken pot roast you rarely make: cook it, set up a quaint candlelit dinner for you two, and spend some quality time together.

Tip: If you have to choose between giving a gift and taking someone out, I would go with taking them out or planning something special. I find that many people prefer spending time together. Creating special moments with your loved one is greater than any material gifts you can give.


Romantic Ideas: Heart Desserts

Something Personal

Personal gifts usually take the most work to accomplish but mean the most. These kinds of gifts are usually thoughtful and always sweet. A personal touch to your gifts/ideas shows that you put a lot of effort into making your significant other happy and effort is always highly appreciated.

The only no-no gifts are those that seem personal, but are really just handmade. For example, making a papier-mache accessory holder when she doesn’t really own accessories. While you do get an A for effort, it shows that you didn’t put much thought into it (or don’t know significant other that well).

Giving them a scrapbook of your time as a couple is a fun idea. Fill it with romantic quotes from Shelley, Byron, or even Paramore, photos of your times together, and maybe a few messages from his friends and your friends. This is something you should do when you’ve had at least a year together. It might seem a bit clingy if you’ve only been together for two months. Otherwise, make a hand-made card (pop-ups are fun!) and write her a funny poem on why you love her.

Create a little nook on your patio/balcony and cook dinner for just the two of you. Turn off all your phones and almost all the lights and enjoy the breeze outside. If you can, bake a heart-shaped cake and feed him over dessert.

Tip: To shake it up a bit, set up your food on a coffee table, and sit on the floor side by side. That way it’s easier to make physical contact, snuggle, and share food/feed each other.

Another great gift to warm the heart is a short self-edited video of yourself and/or his friends with a heartfelt message from you.


I hope these suggestions help you! There are loads of things that you can do that I can’t even begin to suggest. Romantic ideas and gifts require the three main categories listed above. It must be sweet, thoughtful, and personal. Only you can know what the best romantic idea and gift is for him/her.

If you notice that your wife’s shoes are starting to wear and tear, a handwrapped pair of new shoes she’s been eyeing followed by a foot massage or foot spa would be an example of something that’s sweet, thoughtful, and personal.

The key thing is to learn about your significant other and create a romantic moment based on that. Remember: Sweet, Thoughtful, and Personal!

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