How to Apply Summer Makeup

Summer is the perfect time to go out with friends, head to the beach, and catch some rays! But wait–your make up is starting to cake and smudge! As much as the summer feels great, the heat and humidity of the season makes it much easier for your make up to cake, melt off, and/or settle into your fine lines.

Summer makeup should be light and natural. Light to avoid all that melting and caking, and natural because you don’t want to look like an overdone barbie doll during the summer season. Your skin should glow rather than shine (which makes you look really oily and sweaty) during summer in order to look fresh and breezy in the sweltering heat.

Here’s my guide on how to apply summer make up.


Prep Your Skin!

How to Apply Summer Makeup: IceIce? Ice! – During summer, your pores open up a little more than normal, making it easier for you to get pimples (the heat doesn’t help either). Aside from providing you with momentary relief from the sweltering heat, ice tightens pores to lessen clogs and allow for a smoother application of makeup.

After you bathe, get a cube of ice and lightly glide it across your skin for a minute or two then lightly pat your face dry with a face towel.



How to Apply Summer Makeup: MoisturizeMoisturize – The summer heat causes you to loose more water than normal, so you need to hydrate yourself inside and out! Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated, and lather on some lotion on your skin to keep it from getting dry.

I use Keihl’s Abyssine Cream + SPF23. It has broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB, moisturizess superbly, tightens pores, prevents fine lines, AND lightens acne scars. Even though it’s a little on the price-y side, it’s definitely my HG facial moisturizer. Might not work well with people who have sensitive skin.

Protect – Even though your makeup and moisturizer have built in SPF, it’s not enough. You still need to add sunblock to your regimen to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun (summer or not). Put your sunscreen on when your moisturizer is dry. Or, you can dilute it in a little of your moisturizer if you feel that it’s too thick or heavy on your skin

Prime – Wearing primer is not necessary but recommended. It will help keep your make up from melting off of your face–especially if you feel like you need put on some foundation. If you have BB cream, you can skip this one.


Light summer makeup is the way to go!

How to Apply Summer Makeup: Tinted Moisturizer/BB CreamTinted Moisturizer / BB Cream – Rather than putting foundation, which is heavy and therefore more prone to caking, switch to tinted moisturizer or sheer bb cream. It’s lighter than foundation so it won’t cake and the tint will help even out your skin tone.

I like using Etude house Precious Mineral BB Cream #2 Sheer Glowing Skin which gives me a dewy and glowing face that looks amazing under the sun.

It feels a bit heavy when you first apply it, but once you set it with powder it feels like it’s not there. It’s good for people with light and dry skin. When I put it on, it looked much too white but after a minute or two, the color was similar to my normal face color.

Let your tinted moisturizer/bb cream dry.

How to Apply Summer Makeup: ConcealerConcealer – If you can live without it, don’t put it. Concealer is heavier than foundation–that’s why the coverage is much better. This also means that your face will be more prone to caking and melting under the sun.

If you can’t live without it, tap in a light application of cream concealer, or brush on some powdered concealer.

Make sure to check your make up once in a while throughout the day. If it starts caking, pat the area lightly with your finger and try to set it again with some powder.

After these steps I like to lightly pat my face with tissue to get rid of excess makeup.

How to Apply Summer Makeup: SetSet - Set your make up with some transparent or translucent powder. Setting your make up is important because it keeps it from moving, melting, and caking on your face. Some setting powders help you achieve a glowing look, like Luvshuca Finish Powder in Lucent.

Another really good finishing powder is MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder. It really IS transparent (you’d be surprised to find that many “transparent” powders leave a white cast) and it keeps my make up on and perfect the whole day!


How to Apply Summer Makeup: BlushBlush – Lightly rosy cheeks are a definite must during summer. How better to say summer than a slightly flushed and healthy look? I suggest that you choose a blush the makes your face glow.

The Shu Uemura Glow-on Blush line is amazing! It comes in very natural colors and makes your whole face glow. NARS Orgasm has recieved high reviews for its beautiful colors, light shimmer, and that fact that it gives a natural looking, brightening blush to almost any skin tone! If you can’t find a glow-y blush, look for one that’s close to your natural blushcolor.

Apply the blush in a checkmark motion, moving towards the edges of your face.

How to Apply Summer Makeup: BronzerBronzer - Use bronzer to highlight and sculpt your face.

Brush it on your forehead, bridge of your nose, under your cheeks, and chin.

Eyes – You eyes are the focal point of your face. For a natural look, stick to the brown family of eyeshadows. Examples are Urban Decay Naked Palette, e.l.f. Eyeshadow Trio in Neutral, and Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Collection.

Don’t forget to prime your eyes before applying eyeshadow. I suggest Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to apply eyeshadow.

If you need to wear mascara because you have light eyelashes, apply only one coat of waterproof mascara. Maybelline Full N’ Soft Mascara Waterproof is one of the best i’ve tried, but make sure you have a good eye makeup remover!

If you feel like your need to open up your eyes more with eyeliner, stick as close as you can to your lashes or tightline. Also, always choose waterproof, and hopefully smudgeproof. Look for eyeliner that comes off in flakes rather than smudges. Also, avoid pencil and kohl liners. Instead, stick to powder, gel, and liquid liners for a clean look, or powder line your eyes with a dark brown for a more natural one.

My absolute favourite waterproof and smudgeproof eyeliner comes from a japanese brand called K-pallet. They make the most amazing liquid liner that lasts the whole day with no smudging or smearing despite the humid summer weather.

Lip Gloss – Use tinted lip gloss or tinted lip balm on your lips instead of lipstick for a light, fresh, and natural look. Stick with nude and neutral colors and avoid striking colors, such as hot pink.

First, keep your lips moisturized and chap-free. Apply a light coat of vaseline on your lips with a cotton swab, let it sit for a minute then lightly pat it. Then, swipe a light coat of your lip gloss on your lips.


That’s my tutorial for simple summer makeup! Want beautiful loose long just-got-out-of-bed curls to go with your summer look? How to: Curl Hair with a Straightener

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