Valentine’s Day Outfits


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I last updated here on Fashion Roll. As we all know, Valentine’s Day is today, February 14. Valentine’s is internationally known as a day of love and couples. This time of year is when people usually take their loved one out to have a fun day at the mall, at a movie, or in a restaurant.

Valentine’s Day is always associated with the color red. Because It’s the color of passion and of love. Valentine’s for me, however, has always seemed like a pink day. Pink is also known as a color of love. However it’s more relaxed and less passionate. It’s lighter and more airy. That’s the feel I always get in Valentine’s. It’s a day for couples to relax and spend time together. So I’ve come up with Valentine’s Day outfits inspired by the color pink.



Casual Valentine's Day Outfit

Casual Valentine's Day Outfit

This is a casual Valentine’s Day outfit using muted colors for a day out in the mall or a leisurely stay at someone’s house.

Main Outfit: Consists of a romantic cream bubble top, that gives the outfit an elegant appeal; dark shorts, to make it easier to move around, and to add an illusion of longer legs; a dark cardigan incase it gets cold wherever you’re staying.

Bags: I chose two types of bags for this outfit. First is the pink tote bag. The pink tote bag serves as an accent piece to the outfit and gives it a more casual and informal feel. The cream handbag, on the other hand, makes the look slightly more formal and contrasts well with the dark sweater.

Shoes: Brown or cream chucks will go well with the outfit and make it easier to walk around without getting tired. The pink ballet flats, on the other hand, can serve as an accent piece and gives a slightly more feminine appeal to the outfit. The white, wedged shoe gives the look a slightly sportier and feminine aura, and allows the wearer to appear taller and walk sexier.

Clothes Seen: Top, cardigan, and shorts from Forever 21; Shoes and Bags from Nordstrom.


Casual/SemiFormal Valentine's Day Outfit

Casual/SemiFormal Valentine's Day Outfit

The casual/semi-formal Valentine’s Day outfit was made for an informal dinner date out, a stroll in the park, or a walk in the mall. The colors used are pink, cream, gray and black.

Main Outfit: A cream bubble dress that give the outfit a little body, and hides the wearer’s stomach. Pink cardigan, acts as one of the accent pieces for this outfit and gives the outfit a more casual appeal. Gray thigh-high socks draws attention to the wearer’s legs, making them seem slimmer and longer. Pins may be used in the hair or on the dress as accent pieces.

Bags: The bags for this outfit are mostly big and bulky. The dark bags accent the outfit providing a dark contrast from this very light outfit. The off-white pouch bag keeps the color tone more airy and gives the outfit a more feminine appeal.

Shoes: The shoes are all black, slightly pointy shoes. This is to add a contrast to the whole outfit and to complement the bags.

Clothes Seen: Top from Miss Selfridges; Socks and pins from Forever 21; Bags and shoes from Nordstrom.


Semi-Formal Valentine's Day Outfit

Semi-Formal Valentine's Day Outfit

The semi-formal outfit was made for dates in a chic restaurant, and Valentine’s Day parties. The colors used are cream, pink, white, and white gold.

Main Outfits: A full pink, tube dress that flares out at the waist, emphasizing the slimness and breasts of the wearer. A pink and cream tube bubble dress with an accent pink belt, which makes the wearer seem skinnier, and hide wide hips.

Bags: The clutch bags are used for a more formal environment, and allows you to bring only the essentials. These bags don’t steal the limelight from the dress, and instead serve as accents to it. The large handbag is for those who need to bring a lot of things with them. Though it somewhat steals away from the dress, the color complements it.

Shoes: The white ballet flats are for a less formal gathering, it provides more comfort to the wearer and gives the outfit a cuter appeal. The stiletto heels complement the color of the bag, and the dress Making the pink color appear more vibrant. They are used when the user requires a more formal setting.

Clothes Seen: Dresses from Betsey Johnson; Bags and shoes from Nordstrom.


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