What to Wear to a Wedding: Men

No, boys, I didn’t forget about you. Women aren’t the only people who have problems choosing what to wear to a wedding. Men’s wedding attire is much simpler in appearance but choosing an appropriate outfit for a wedding can be just as daunting for the male species. In fact, dressing appropriately for a wedding is something a many people (men AND women) have a lot of trouble with. So, as a follow up to my earlier article on What to Wear to a Wedding, comes this article–What to Wear to a Wedding: Men.


Things you should know before choosing an outfit

What to Wear to a Wedding: Men - Garden Weddings

Since this section is fairly basic, you’ll probably notice definite similarities between this section and the one in my other article. But I edited the suggestions to cater more to men.

What kind of wedding is it? The place where the wedding is held can usually give you a general idea of what you should wear.

Beach weddings usually lean more towards a casual or casual-semi-formal dress code. The safe bet would be to wear a white, loose dress shirt and comfy slacks/kahki pants.

Garden weddings are slightly more dressy and elegant than beach weddings. A suit is usually in order. A cream colored suit, paired with a dress shirt and a tie and/or a vest, or a navy suit paired with a soft pink dress shirt and a tie will look marvelous!

Church weddings (especially big church weddings) are often either semi-formal-formal and formal in attire attire. If the event is Black Tie, you will need to come in a tuxedo. But if it’s unspecified and happening in the evening, a dark (black, dark gray or navy) elegant suit, a dress shirt, and a tie will suffice.

What are the beliefs of the bride and groom’s families? Many cultures have different beliefs on what you can and cannot wear to a wedding. A rule of thumb is, never wear all black, especially to chinese weddings. Don’t pair your black suit with a black shirt and black tie and black shoes. Try to add a little splash of color to your outfit.

Outfit Suggestions

What to Wear to a Wedding: Men

Other Suggestions

  • Watch out for the color! Some colors just don’t go with some people. Warm colored folks should avoid cold colored clothes and vice-versa.
  • Bring a GIRL friend along when you go shopping. Really, unless you have a very fashionable male friend who enjoys shopping, girls are generally better at picking clothes.
  • Liven up an outfit with your dress shirt (not too lively!), tie, or pocket square to add a splash of color.
  • Avoid wearing more than one piece of jewelry at a time.
  • If you have long hair, TIE IT. Really.

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  1. Victor says:

    That guy on the very far left looks a bit gay, and is too casual for a wedding. I would pick guy 3 or 4, thanks for the tip!! I’m gonna be best man.

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